“A great way to see and savour the sensations that Castlemaine and surrounding areas have to offer.”

― Ramesh, Hughesdale

Who is Victoria Particular?

Victoria Particular Food and Wine Tours is run by Lindy Ralph, a sixth generation local with a deep appreciation for the luscious food bowl that is Castlemaine and surrounds.

I look forward to sharing the knowledge I’ve gained through thirty years experience working in hospitality, event management and theatre. Though I might not have all the answers, I’m excited to introduce you to the experts so we can all learn a thing or two together.

I love stories, both sharing and hearing them. I love a bit of banter and fun, so you can count on me to drop little snippets of local history, gossip and other stories as we gad about the countryside.

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Lindy Ralph

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Victoria Particular offers private small group tours connecting passionate foodies visiting Castlemaine and surrounds with outstanding food and wine producers and restaurants.

All tours can be customised to individual groups and priced accordingly, please see our example tours for an idea of costs.

Victoria Particular will take you off the beaten track and introduce you to some local treasures

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